British Dressage Magazine issue 7 out now
27th October 2012
Apart from featuring some of my images from the Paralympics and National Dressage Championships, issue 7 of British Dressage Magazine contains an article of mine entitled "Producing para power". It's all about the qualities a para-equestrian rider looks for in a competition horse, with input from some of Britain's top para riders and trainers.

One thing everyone touched on was how quickly horses adapt to para riders and learning new aids.

In Natasha Baker's words: "They have a sixth sense and look after us para riders."

To read the article, click here.
The lovely Millie
26th October 2012
I had the pleasure of meeting Liz and Ian with their characterful hound Millie after they won a photo shoot with me at a recent fundraiser staged by The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

The charity was set up 10 years ago by a neighbour, Heather Armstrong, and her late sister. Having read the charity's latest newsletter after doing photo shoots at three top dressage yards in the Cotswolds (one of which has just been sold for £14.5m!) makes you think how lucky most of the horses in this country are.

To find out more about Heather's work in The Gambia, please visit

It's a miracle
15th October 2012
My hound Shrek has made to his fourth birthday! I know that doesn't sound like much, but with our record this is a HUGE achievement. Put it this way, I'm amazed I haven't bankrupted PetPlan yet! Here's a pic of him trying to look intelligent. He has finally learnt that chasing something through brambles is not a good idea. Hoping he will live to a ripe old age ...

With a little help...
09th October 2012
...from my hound. I was trying to take a new self-portrait for my About page. We did get there though, eventually!

Baby boom
03rd October 2012
It was such fun doing a shoot with these three sisters and their babies - I know they say you shouldn't work with animals or children, but I so love both, especially all the wonderful expressions!

Toddling in the New Forest
26th September 2012
I had the most wonderful day for a shoot in the New Forest last week. What a dream location, beautiful light and the sweetest little girl.

Tack Special out now!
18th September 2012
Issue 6 of British Dressage Magazine should have arrived on your doorsteps by now if you are a BD member and this issue features my Tack Special; a wonderful opportunity to produce for some creative images. Thank you to all of you who let me photograph your tack at Dressage at Hickstead a couple of months ago!

There are another three features by me in issue 6, including a fascinating article about horses and back pain. I had the pleasure of interviewing Animal Health Trust's adviser Dr Rachel Murray as well as Vicky Spalding and Sue Palmer.

I also interviewed the man in charge of dressage at the FEI, the international equestrian federation, to find out what his job entails and how the sport is changing.

My final feature is entitled "Hitting the right note" and is full of tips from the man of the moment Tom Hunt, who composes music for Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester as well as BD chairman Jennie Loriston-Clarke.

Carl is in Uthopia!
17th September 2012
The stands were packed yesterday to see Olympic gold medallist Carl Hester and Uthopia in action and become the 2012 National Champions. Judging by his lap of honour, I think it is safe to say Carl was pleased with himself!

To view my images from the championships, please click here.

Paralympics London 2012
05th September 2012
London 2012 was my first Paralympic Games as an accredited journalist and reporter and what a special one it was. There's never been a Paralympics like it with an audience of more than 10,000, the most wonderful athletes, who just blew me away with their incredible stories, not to mention welcoming and helpful volunteers.

My lasting memories will be something British Dressage Marketing Manager Winnie Murphy told me about while she was working for LOCOG bringing riders from the holding area to be interviewed by the press in the mixed zone.

She said there was one rider who on completing her test came back to meet her team and just said "right shoulder, left hip". They manhandled her off the horse somehow and one of her team wacked her on the shoulder while another got hold of her leg. Winnie said her support team treated her dislocated joints as if they were an every day occurrence.

Then there was the "butterfly waving", which is when the audience was asked not to clap until horse and rider had been reunited after their test so the horses didn't take fright. Instead, the audience waved flags and hands to show their appreciation and the ripple of noise, was so poignant and moving, surprisingly far more so than the loudest clapping and cheering could ever be.

To see my images from the event, please click here

It's arrived!
24th August 2012
My Paralympic press card - only five more days to go - so looking forward to it!

Go Team GB go!
04th August 2012
What an amazing experience the Olympic dressage was yesterday. The crowd went mad with excitement after Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro's spectacular test, which put her in the lead after the grand prix. She set a new Olympic record with a score of 83.663%.

Check out my gallery for all the photos from my visit to the second day of the Olympics.
Becky's shoot
20th July 2012
It was simply the most perfect day for photography and with the loveliest people.

Olympic Torch Relay comes to Surrey
20th July 2012
Just had to go and watch the Torch Relay in the quintessential English village of Shere. More pix on my gallery...

Mud, mud, glorious mud
17th July 2012
The Hickstead team pulled out all the stops so the show could go on despite the wettest summer on record. Thank you to all who so kindly let me photograph their tack for British Dressage magazine's tack special. And to the kind gentleman who washed my wheels as I left.

Mud, mud, glorious mud
17th July 2012
The Hickstead team pulled out all the stops so the show could go on despite the wettest summer on record. Thank you to all who so kindly let me photograph their tack for British Dressage magazine's tack special. And to the kind gentleman who washed my wheels as I left.
ParalympicsGB team launch
14th July 2012
It's all happening now! The ParalympicsGB teams have their kit and the British press had a chance to meet all the athletes and find out the stories behind their selection.

British Dressage magazine issue 5 out now
10th July 2012
Just received the latest issue of British Dressage, including my five-page Olympic preview, five-page training article and three-page "Flying the flag" product feature (thought I'd been busy!). A big thank you to Sarah Millis for modelling and all her team for helping with the photo shoot for the aforementioned article.

View the Flying the flag products feature here.
Despite the "lovely" British summer...
09th July 2012
...the Chiddingfold Farmers Pony Club Area 13 Show Jumping went ahead. In fact, we only had a couple of showers all day and the ground held up incredibly well considering.

Thank you for inviting me, making me so welcome and hats off to all the volunteers who made it happen.

You can view the pics on my gallery page.
Something different
07th July 2012
I've been asked to take pictures by the Chiddingfold Farmers Pony Club branch at their Area 13 show jumping rally tomorrow. So looking forward to covering the minis in arena 3 - 95 entrants, so a lot more competitive than the dressage I am used to covering.

I won't mention how many years it's been since I was a member...
British Para Champs
21st June 2012
What a great day; the sun shone down on us at Hickstead (I managed to get one sunburnt arm and back of one leg!), the standard of riding was exceptional and there were so many gorgeous horses.

It is always a pleasure to talk to anyone involved in para-equestrian dressage and great to be taking photos for the first time at this event.

I feel guilty to say that I'm still tired from my day's shooting on Tuesday followed by four hours of picture editing yesterday. How pathetic is that when you consider that Anne Dunham, who is in her 60s and has had MS for half her life, competed TWO horses in one day.

I'm so looking forward to the Paralympics and have my fingers crossed that my press accreditation goes through. Hope to speak to all the riders selected for the Games at the team kitting out press call...

Click here to view the pictures from the championships.