London Life
19th February 2017
The sights of London never cease to amaze me. I snapped this image on my iPhone last Friday in one of the most exclusive parts of London, a couple of minutes from Harrods. British eccentricity at its best...

Studio portrait session
19th January 2017
Playing with studio lighting...

Let it snow
13th January 2017
How things change from one day to the next...and then it's all gone again...

Happy New Year!
08th January 2017
I would like to wish all my clients and followers a Happy New Year. It has been great reflecting on 2016 and thank you for all your support. Every like and comment means a lot. I look forward to creating many more special memories in 2017.

Here is my favourite one from a memorable Christmas spent at Penny Bigwood's Pendragon House in Bude, Cornwall. What a dream location!

Merry Christmas!
21st December 2016
Happy Harry
21st December 2016
My last shoot of the year and what a wonderful one to finish on. This little chap is without a doubt the happiest baby I've ever come across. I smiled all through the editing process.

Fun family
09th December 2016
Here's a little sneak peek from the photo shoot with the lovely Althorp family. It was such fun capturing you all.

Art 4 Everyone
08th December 2016
I'm so excited to share with you that some of my fine art photography is now for sale through a brand new venture called Art 4 Everyone.

Have a look at to see some of my work as well as work by lots of other interesting artists.

The artwork is available in a huge range of different formats from framed prints and canvases to cushions and towels. Grab a cuppa and browse through the online catalogue for some unique Christmas gift ideas.

Love fog..
06th December 2016
My favourite weather for photography...

Special Christmas Offer
18th November 2016
Come and visit me at the Farlington School Christmas Fair for a rather special Christmas Offer.

Personal project
09th November 2016
I've been meaning to create some images for some frames I've had in my house for ages.

My home is full of handed-down, pre-loved furniture and ornaments, so I wanted something that had an aged feel. As I love the charm of old photographic plates and my ancient orchid happened to be flowering, I decided to use this as my subject with my lens wide open at f1.6.

As a perfectionist who aspires to producing sharp images with the best dynamic range my equipment can achieve, it goes against the grain in many ways to work towards achieving something that is "soft" and is technically perceived as imperfect these days, but that was my aim. With a little help from Photoshop, it's all come together.

Printed on fine art paper, they look just as I hoped they would.


The beauty of nature
08th November 2016
A tortoiseshell butterfly has decided to hibernate in my house, which gave me the perfect opportunity to photograph this exquisite creature.

I had no idea they were so furry!

Happy client
27th October 2016
Thank you gift from client... #lovemyjob

A bit of rim lighting
26th October 2016
I'm such a sucker for a bit of rim lighting...

Different challenges
25th October 2016
Photographing products is a whole different ball game to horses. There may be no need to get any ears pricked, but it presents its own challenges, especially glass.

Here are some product shots I produced for Pollyfields's Christmas range.

I'm not normally a fan of smellies of any kind, but I have to say, these are gorgeous. The reed diffuser gave the house a hint of Christmas without being overpowering.

Fun photography
17th October 2016
Playing with light painting...

The big day
18th September 2016
Nothing quite like capturing those special moments...

Getting ahead
12th September 2016
Wonderful day learning how top theatre photographer Michael Wharley mixes natural and artificial light to produce his award-winning head shots and creates interesting backgrounds in the studio and out on the street.

Marco The Magnificent
07th September 2016
I've decided the Friesian horse I had the pleasure of photographing today shall be known as Marco The Magnificent. He was simply stunning, as was his owner Vicky.

I can't wait to work on the rest of the images!

Hot models
17th August 2016
The hot weather did not put off today's models, the stunning 13-year-old Gracie with her five-year-old Connemara Jack and Bettie, the Cockapoo.

We managed to find some shade and an old shipping container made for a different backdrop for some images.

I still can't get over how well behaved Jack was considering his age; he may have been a little cheeky, but so cute with it and Gracie handled him beautifully. A big thanks also to mum, who did a fabulous job getting Jack to prick his ears.

I don't normally post more than three images in a sneak peek, but I had to include one for mum, my favourite of all so far. Made me smile too.