Love learning
19th March 2016
It was a full-on day in London yesterday, best described as a bit of a marathon of learning.

First stop was Tate Modern to visit the Performing For The Camera exhibition (slightly disturbing), then to the V&A for a talk by the curator of the Paul Strand exhibition (enlightening to learn about the life of this pioneering photographer, who is regarded as being one of the most influential artists of the 20th century) and then to The National Gallery for another talk, this time by Aliki Braine, entitled "Painting is Dead: What painting taught photography".

As always, my Fuji X100T was close to hand.

A bit of abstract
16th March 2016
When I'm out walking the dogs, I always take my camera. Some days you just feel like making something ordinary look a bit different.

A compositional gift
10th March 2016
Sometimes a location offers you a gift, allowing you to compose a shot that creates dream compositional leading lines, as was the case at one of my recent equine lifestyle shoots.

I could not resist entering it into my local camera club competition to receive critique and see how it would fare among other images of all kinds of different genres. I'm pleased to say it was the only image awarded full marks in the advanced Projected Digital Image category. Chuffed to bits.

Some hidden gems
01st March 2016
Selecting and editing images is something that should never be done in a rush. It always amazes me how you can find something completely different on a different day. Here are three more images from yesterday.

The first one was taken with the studio lights still on. It was a test shot to see whether all the speed lights were working. I love the effect this creates, however unintentional.

29th February 2016
These images were inspired by a talk I attended last year given by the great Jon Gray FBIPP. Having mentioned a stunning image Jon had taken of the Royal Ballet dancers to fellow Capel Camera Club member Trevor Williams, Trevor decided we should attempt to recreate it.

We had no idea whether it would work. Using eight speed lights and a laser trigger system, we set up four cameras between us, all with remote triggers. Nothing has been done in Photoshop, each one is a single exposure.

My favourite images are the last two, taken with my beloved Fuji X100T. What can I say, it is the most incredible little camera.

A massive thank you to Trevor for allowing me to come and play, to our lovely model and Brian from The Cottage Studio in Henfield, whose help was invaluable.

Portrait of the Year
25th February 2016
Having been confined to bed with the flu for the past week, it has cheered me up no end to hear that my image from a recent family shoot at The Nower in Dorking won the best Projected Digital Image Portrait of the Year at Capel Camera Club last night.

Special siblings
11th February 2016
There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than capturing a special moment of emotion and, in this case, bond between siblings. This is why I love photographing people and animals.

The below is one of my favourites from a recent family shoot at The Nower in Dorking. I'm so looking forward to mum picking up her frame order.

Wonderful venue
04th February 2016
For my first equine lifestyle shoot of the season, I had the pleasure of photographing Karla Butler and her gorgeous nine-year-old Dutch-bred dressage horse by Jazz at Southlands Equestrian Centre in Bramley, Surrey.

It proved to be such an interesting location, with some unusual opportunities to be a little different, including a lovely bridge by the Wey and Aran Canal.

There are some more special images to come. Can't wait to start work on them!

Family Portrait Shoot at the Nower, Dorking, Surrey
23rd January 2016
It is so lovely when people are up for a family portrait at this time of year. After a foggy start to the day, the afternoon presented just the most perfect light for photography: the sun was low, the light soft. And I'm chuffed to bits with the results.

Many thanks to the Berrill family for trusting me and allowing me to capture these memories in the middle of winter and being such fun to work with.

In heaven
21st January 2016
I so enjoyed photographing this little one. Do get in touch if you would like your own set of images of your special pooch.

Beautiful nature
15th January 2016
As I am the lucky owner of a FujiFilm X100T, it pretty much travels with me wherever I go. Some days I don't take any images, other times I am inspired by something that catches my eye. This morning I had to stop to take some images of frost on a leaf.

Product shots with a difference
12th January 2016
As a lifestyle photographer, I use my surroundings to create images of whatever I am asked to capture. This is what I love doing best, challenging myself to be creative to find interesting and flattering angles as well as backgrounds.

Here is an example of some cufflinks I photographed last week.

Happy New Year
05th January 2016
My first official day back in the office this year. It will be hard to beat 2015 as it was a rather special one, having been awarded the 2014 Best Licentiate by the British Institute of Professional Photography. Thank you again to everyone who has been part of this amazing journey. Here's looking forward to many new challenges. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.
A gem of an English country house
20th December 2015
I had the honour of being invited to a Champagne tea reception at Cliveden House in Berkshire recently. What a treat!

Such an fine example of an English country house. I loved the luggage trolleys and the beautiful luggage storage containers, which were clad in leather. The quality and craftsmanship of this building and its interior has to be seen to be believed. Would highly recommend as the service was impeccable too, but might need to win the lottery before hiring the entire venue at £38k!

Definitely feels like Christmas
18th December 2015
Nothing quite like Olympia to get you into the festive mood...

A winter shoot
04th December 2015
I'm not sure why some people prefer the summertime for equine lifestyle shoots. Personally, I feel winter has a magic of its own and many of my most successful images have been shot during this time of year. Although it wasn't cold enough for hats and scarves, which I feel make great accessories, I just love the light, especially in these images from today. A snow shoot is on my Christmas wish list!

From fire to water to smoke
03rd December 2015
My idea of a fun evening!

Playing with water...
25th November 2015
Having played with fire a few weeks ago photographing the Tikis' Torches, now it's the turn of water...

Ockley Society celebrates 30th anniversary with a bang
08th November 2015
What a perfect night for the Ockley Society to celebrate its 30th anniversary! Thank you to the team who organise all the events that make this village such a special community.

That time again
05th November 2015
Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar and new faces at the Farlington School Christmas Fair this year. This will be the third time I have my stand here. Do come and say hello.