Playing with fire...
05th November 2015
Capel Camera Club arranged a shoot with the amazing fire dancers The Tikis' Torches last night. Here's one of my favourite shots of the evening...

03rd November 2015
As a portrait photographer, you are taught it's important to practise being in front of the camera on a regular basis. This is especially difficult for someone who hides behind the camera as she's the least photogenic person on the planet. This is my attempt on a bad hair day. So prefer being on the other side!

What a horse, what a story
28th October 2015
I've finally managed to find the time to read the amazing story of Valegro Champion Horse. I never thought I would see the day that Britain would be a force to be reckoned with in the dressage world, having had to move to Germany to learn about dressage as a teenager as there was nowhere in this country to train at the time.

I'm so proud to have one of my photos published in this book, however small. The first time I photographed this horse was at the 2011 Olympia World Cup qualifier. Nobody knew much about either Charlotte Dujardin or Blueberry except that they must be good as they were mentored by Britain's most talented rider at the time, Carl Hester.

I remember looking at the images from Olympia and thinking how correct this horse was working, how balanced he was and powerful, not to mention harmonious. It was especially obvious in a shot I captured of one of their pirouettes. He is the greatest dressage horse of all time without question, thanks to Carl and Charlotte and everyone else who has been part of his journey. Just amazing.

The bigger picture
21st October 2015
So exciting to see one of my images from Hickstead of Lucy Pincus in action being used life size by Sue Carson Saddles.

Feeling honoured
08th October 2015
My framers have called to ask for permission to reproduce my new sample frame for them to use at trade shows and in their brochure.

There's nothing like receiving recognition for your work from a company that makes frames for many of the country's leading professionals. Feeling extremely honoured!

Capturing character
02nd October 2015
What a fabulous afternoon for a photo shoot with Nigel, his gorgeous Irish hunter Jasper and characterful hound Bruno. It is always such an honour to capture special relationships and this was no exception.

Dream wedding location
20th September 2015
I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the stunning venue of Brasenose College in Oxford last weekend. So spoilt for choice as regards locations!

Please visit my wedding gallery to view a selection of images from the day. Here is one of my favourites.

A most handsome New Forest pony
03rd September 2015
I had the pleasure of photographing the 19-year-old 14hh New Forest pony Rikki and his rider, the 16-year-old Olivia Moriano, yesterday. What a lovely partnership and such a gorgeous family. Can't wait to process the rest, but here's a sneak peek of this combination who have already represented Italy on the international stage at dressage.

Going abstract
03rd September 2015
Love playing around with my little Fuji X100T on walks. This is such a fun camera that produces phenomenal quality images. Here is some bulrush captured using the neutral density filter and a slow shutter speed.

Aline & Jonathan
02nd August 2015
What a beautiful day yesterday turned out to be for the most stunning wedding at All Saints Benhilton Church in Sutton and Hartsfield Manor. Many congratulations to the lovely couple Mr & Mrs Le Bihan. Here's a sneak peek.

Happiness is...
28th July 2015
I have the fortune of walking past this restored windmill most days, which is situated in the most idyllic English countryside location. The vast meadow it sits in gives my hounds the most wonderful chance to run like the wind, something they rather enjoy and is a joy to behold.

A special bond
20th July 2015
This is without doubt my favourite memory of Hickstead. It may not be the most technically correct image, but it captures an incredibly special moment in time of David Pincus, the owner and breeder of this horse which his daughter Lucy competes.

At the end of the test, when David went to remove the earpiece for the steward, the whole bridle came off. Not only did the horse not panic, he waited patiently in the middle of the busy show ground for David to sort out the bridle while other competitors passed by.

These wonderful animals never cease to amaze me.

Life after racing
08th July 2015
Meet the most handsome of ex-racehorses Adam, owned by former colleague & Horse & Hound Deputy Editor Pippa Cuckson. One lucky horse...

A truly special day...
07th July 2015
...meeting Sally and horse whisperer David Catchpole. It was an absolute privilege to meet this wonderful couple and their menagerie. A day to remember...

How it's done...
06th July 2015
This gives you an idea of how the images were created during the Betchworth Castle shoots.

Photo courtesy of Capel Camera Club member John Cole.

Love this...
06th July 2015
I love this because it's not your standard portrait and the frame is just right... Another happy customer.

Stunning model, stunning location...
06th July 2015
Not only did I have the fortune of a stunning model for my second shoot at the amazing location of Betchworth Castle ruins, the evening light made it even more magical. Capturing images like this one make all the hours of practise and processing in front of the computer worthwhile...

Pre-Raphaelite themed shoot
01st July 2015
It was an honour to be given permission to use the dream location of Betchworth Castle ruins for a pre-Raphaelite themed shoot. Here are my favourite images. I was fascinated by the graffiti, the juxtaposition with our theme. Can't wait to go back...

Para news
01st July 2015
It was great fun dusting off my reporter's notebook to catch up with GB's top para riders to report the British Para Championships for the British Dressage website. They always have amazing stories behind their success...

BD website report
An entertaining day
19th June 2015
It was a glorious day for the Mursell sisters shoot at their beautiful home.

Widget, the Cocker Spaniel, was the most talkative dog I've ever met and together with Wally, made for an entertaining time as did Didi, the 23-year-old Arab/Warmblood, who enjoyed pretending to be five at one point!